Customer Choices
Every day, many of your customers are faced with major buying decisions regarding their home heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and water heaters. These choices affect their energy use and costs for years to come.

As their "Energy Expert" you can now provide customers with an online resource to simplify their decisions and help them make the best possible choices
Enercomís new "Comparison Tool" allows customers to quickly and easily compare their existing home HVAC system or water heater with a range of new systems. They can also compare two different new systems to each other. Customers can choose between a variety of system types, energy sources and efficiencies.

Energy Use, Costs, Savings and Payback
Within a minute, customers receive an estimate of each systemís annual energy use and cost, annual and monthly energy and cost savings for the more efficient system. By inputting their contractorís price for a new system, customers can also learn the payback period over which they will recover their costs through lower energy bills.

Easy to Use
Enercomís new Comparison Tool is easy to use. In four quick steps taking less than a minute, customers receive their comparisons. Here are the steps: 1) Customers select the type of system they are interested in: HVAC or water heating; 2) They choose either "Existing vs. New" (compares their current system to various new systems) or "New vs. New" (compares two new systems with each other); 3) They select the specific systems and options they want to compare; and 4) They click "submit" and instantly receive their comparison.

Lighting Comparison Bonus
Though primarily designed to help customers with their major energy system purchases, the Comparison Tool also allows customers to compare the energy use and cost of standard incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps.

Fast to Implement
Enercom provides turnkey implementation and operation of your Comparison Tool site. It will be set-up with your utility name and logo, average energy costs, weather data, email address and more. All you do is place the appropriate information and links in your website. Your site will open within one to two weeks and Enercom provides all hosting and maintenance services

Plenty of Options
If you want a customized Comparison Tool site, Enercom can modify the software to meet your specifications. This can include a graphic design to exactly match your website, promotion of specific equipment or fuel comparisons, hosting on your web-server and much more.

Very Affordable
The Comparison Tool is very affordable and Enercom offers pricing plans for energy utilities of all sizes. Standard and custom plans are available to meet a wide range of budget constraints.

Next Steps
To learn more about how you can use the Comparison Tool to help customers with their major energy decisions or to schedule an online webcast demonstration of the software please contact:

Paul Conlan
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