Every day, tens of thousands of utility customers are faced with major buying decisions regarding their home HVAC and water heating systems. These choices affect their energy use and costs for years to come.

As the "Energy Expert", utilities can now provide customers with an online self-service resource to simplify their decisions and help them make the best possible energy choices. Enercom's new Comparison Tool allows customers to quickly and easily compare their existing home HVAC system or water heater with a range of new systems. They can also compare two different new systems to each other. Customers can select from a variety of system types, energy sources and efficiencies. Within a minute, customers receive an estimate of each system's annual energy use and cost, annual and monthly energy and cost savings for the more efficient system as well as the simple payback period.

To schedule an Energy Comparison Tool demo or webcast, contact Paul Conlan at (404)946-0203 or conlan@enercomusa.com

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